WATCH: Fox's Campos-Duffy Explains Why It Doesn't Make Sense For Trump To Attend UFC Fights

After he won the presidency and in the years after, Donald Trump has avoided visiting cities and attending events where he may get booed. During the 2019 World Series he was loudly jeered by the Washington DC crowd. Since then, he has been even more selective about where he is willing to show up. 

The UFC has always provided a safe space for the former President. The fight crowd has been Pro-Trump over the years. Despite one double bird salute, Trump got a raucus ovation at the UFC fights on Saturday night. But during a Sunday show, host Rachel Campos-Duffy explained why his attendance doesn't do him much good. 

At first, Will Cain gushed, "And it was the loudest applause of the night for any fighter, for any event, it was, and then the crowd erupted into a chant of USA, USA. And look, you just don't get that with many politicians."

Rachel Campos Duffy countered, "Yeah, well, that's the kind of crowd he attracts. People who like to watch UFC, for example. I don't think a lot of those people were at that Tuesday election, for example."

The demographic that voted this past week is a little more, they say, is a little more upscale," Campos Duffy continued. "And so it's interesting to see, will all those kind, will the middle of America, the working class Americans, a lot of them who turn into UFC matches, will they be the ones who turn out in the presidential election?"