WATCH: Fox “Reporter” Proves Network Only Is Anti Biden

The Fox network that it presents itself as “news” and its personalities are unabashed in their advocacy for everything right-wing and opposition to anything Democratic, including President Joe Biden. At Monday afternoon’s White House press briefing Peter Doocy inscribed his name in that disingenuous hall of fame.

The son of “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy, who boosted his profile over the past several months asking Biden campaign and transition officials ridiculous questions about the “Hunter Biden laptop,” used his front row seat in the James Brady White House briefing room to ask press secretary Jen Psaki a non-sensical question about the travel ban that the president instituted to help limit the transmission of a super-virulent strain of the coronavirus into the United States.

“President Trump was imposing travel restrictions in March specifically on China. Then candidate Biden called it ‘xenophobic’ and fear-mongering. Now President Biden is imposing travel restrictions on people coming in from other countries. What word would we use to describe that?”

Psaki was ready for it. “I don’t think that’s a fair articulation. The president has declared that he felt the Muslim ban was xenophobic and he overturned the Muslim ban. He also himself has supported, before he was elected, before he was inaugurated, steps, travel restrictions in order to keep the American people safe, to ensure that we are getting the pandemic under control.”

Monday wasn’t the first time that the Villanova-educated Doocy thought he was going to get Psaki with a “gotcha” question. The day after Biden’s inauguration he challenged her by asking why the president and his wife did not wear masks at a photo shoot at the Lincoln Memorial the previous day, even though an executive order Biden has issued mandated mask wearing on all federal property. Doocy’s questions conveniently ignored the fact that the president’s order specifically states that masks do not have to be worn if other virus spreading mitigations are in place, which they were at the memorial.

You can watch the entire Psaki/Doocy exchange below.

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