WATCH: Fox News Pundit Explains How Impeachment Push Helps Joe Biden

Despite uncovering no evidence of wrongdoing, Republicans have focused on pleasing Donald Trump by impeaching Joe Biden. Since Democrats are in control of the Senate and White House, any impeachment isn't going to get very far.

Last week, the Republican members of the House voted to open an impeachment inquiry into the current President. Fox News' Howard Kurtz isn't happy that the media isn't blowing the story up. But when he asked pundit Lucy Caldwell why they haven't, she opined that the media is doing Republicans a favor. 

"Well, I'm actually not quite sure what case you're making here," she said, "because if, in fact, I think an impeachment inquiry by Republicans against Joe Biden is going to really, really help Joe Biden in 2024."

Caldwell continued, "So if the media were carrying water for Joe and Hunter Biden on this particular story, I have to say, I think that they would be covering this from the rooftops."

When the host pressed her, Caldwell closed:

"It helps Joe Biden because these impeachment inquiries, as we know from recent history, actually warm a president's base to him. We saw that in both Trump  impeachments. There's also the problem, I think, in this particular impeachment, that there does not seem to be a there there."