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Watch Fox News’ Napolitano Speak Out About Trump’s Attack on Him

Watch Fox News’ Napolitano Speak Out About Trump’s Attack on Him

Fox News is generally friendly to Donald Trump and his administration. However, on Monday morning, Judge Andrew Napolitano took Trump to task over claims that were made regarding favors Trump said the judge asked for.

On Sunday, Trump attacked Napolitano on Twitter. He claimed that the former New Jersey Superior Court Judge and current Fox News legal analyst asked for favors. When the alleged favors were not granted, Trump claims that Napolitano became “very hostile.”



Judge Napolitano was asked about all of this by Fox News. He denied all of Trump’s allegations, and said that all that happened was that he and Trump spoke regarding the replacement on the Supreme Court for the deceased Justice Antonin Scalia.

The way Judge Napolitano describes the situation is that he and Trump met while Trump was still President-elect. During two separate meetings, Napolitano urged Trump to put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. However, initially, Trump thought that the description of the judge Napolitano was referencing was Napolitano himself, not Justice Gorsuch.

It remains to be seen if this will turn into a prolonged public feud. After all, Trump has a lot to lose if he begins to lose support of key personalities at Fox News, or even the network itself.

On the other side of that, Judge Napolitano, no matter what one might think of his current line of work, is a distinguished and professional jurist, and arguably more credible than Trump in the minds of many. How this will play out, only time will tell. Perhaps at some point, the public will learn the truth about this particular interaction.

Watch the video below:

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