WATCH: Fox News’ Loopiest Anchor Goes on a Bizarre Gun Control Rant

This week, Joe Biden announced a number of gun control executive orders. This led Fox’s Jeanine Pirro to go on a bizarre rant likening gun control to fascism.

Photo by MIKE THEILER/AFP via Getty Images

President Biden planned on taking action on gun control soon after taking office. His plans were sped up after two mass shootings during the last month. Since Republicans are completely unwilling to take action on weapons, Biden issue his orders via executive action.

Pirro, enraged by Biden’s actions, told her audience, ”

“You know, seven years ago said we can’t blame peaceful Muslims for what radical Muslims do any more than we can blame peaceful gun owners for what nut jobs do. Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the nation and some of the highest gun crime rates in the nation. What does that tell you, Joe? It tells you gun control’s an illusion.”

The Fox host continued, “The way to combat gun crime is to prosecute the criminal and make sure he learns not to commit the crime again. It’s to find out where he got the gun. Was there a straw purchaser involved? Get an informant. Get a warrant. Squeeze people who have information until you move up the chain. This is not rocket science. It’s fundamental law enforcement. So stop with the nonsense of putting law-abiding people, gun owners through hoops like dogs in a dog show.”

Watch the comments below, courtesy of the Fox News network:

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