WATCH: Fox News' Kudlow Urges Conservatives to Tell the Truth About Biden's Economy

Each month, you see the same thing on Fox News. The economic reports come out, they are better then expected and the hosts twist themselves in knots trying to say something bad about the numbers. 

Larry Kudlow, a Fox Business host, did something different this week. After a monster job report, the pundit was forced to admit that he was wrong about the job Biden is doing. And he urged fellow Republicans to say the same thing. 

"We had a blowout jobs report," he began, "more than twice the consensus expectation. Now, I know many of my conservative friends are trying to drill holes in this report. But you know what, folks? It is what it is. It’s a very strong report. Not every economic stat should be viewed through a political lens. I’ve been in this business a very long time, and sometimes you just have to throw away the ballot box and just recognize the numbers. They are what they are. This was a very strong report."

The host also explained that this, "is a good thing no matter what your party registration is.... Plus, over the past three months inflation-adjusted real wages increased by 4.5%. So, typical working families got a nice real wage boost for a change."