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WATCH: Fox News Hosts Calls Out Marsha Blackburn Over Blue State Bailout Lie

WATCH: Fox News Hosts Calls Out Marsha Blackburn Over Blue State Bailout Lie

Democrats have been able to push through Joe Biden’s massive stimulus plans. Republicans now have no recourse left but to deliver falsehoods about what is in the massively popular bill.

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Tennessee senator Marsha Blackburn attempted to lie about the legislation Sunday during a Fox News appearance. Host Eric Shawn, though, was more than willing to call her out for the half-truths.

Blackburn tried to paint the bill as a “bail-out” for blue states. She told the host, “The Democrats did not want timely relief prior to the election. They wanted people to suffer and Nancy Pelosi told us why. She said because they felt like it would help them win the election.”

Shawn responded, “Do you think it really is fair to say Democrats wanted people to suffer? I mean, they don’t want people to suffer.”

The Tennessee senator continued, “So whether you want to say it was fair or not fair, it is an action they took. And it is an admission that they have made. So I think it was just really unfortunate that it was their choice. But do you really need to bail out the blue states that have mismanaged their funds and have mismanaged their pensions?”

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Shawn corrected the lawmaker, “But you also know, your state get $6 billion, Florida gets $16 billion, Texas gets $27 billion. So red states get a lot of money too.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network:

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