WATCH: Fox News Host Asks Rick Scott Why He's Complaining About Biden-Era Israel Policies

In an attempt to stop Benjamin Netanyahu from expanding Israel's war with Palestine, Joe Biden recently told Israel that the United States would stop providing the country with weapons if they were to invade Rafah. The threat fell on deaf airs, at least for the moment. 

Republicans have been attacking Biden's policy all week and went especially hard on far-right news channels. Still, it was interesting to see a Fox Host push back on Florida Senator Rick Scott this week by noting that Biden is treating Israel in the same way Ronald Reagan did in the 1980s. 

Host Benjamin Hall asked, "And I suppose, you know, one of the big news this week is that President Biden is withholding weapons from Israel. But Republicans are heavily critical about this. But you have to remember that Reagan did the same thing back in 1981. So what do you make of that? I mean, I'm sure you were a fan of President Reagan."

Scott ignored the question and went right to his talking points, saying, "Biden is doing nothing to force Egypt to open up their borders [so Gazans can flee]. But this idea that we are not going to support Israel's ability to destroy Hamas, how is Israel ever, and how do you ever live in any peace in Israel?"

Hall countered again, "It is interesting that President Biden is doing something that President Reagan did in 81, and yet he has been criticized for it. But I mean, it's interesting to see how both sides did that."