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WATCH: Fox News Host Admit’s Network’s Beef With Biden Based On Bull

WATCH: Fox News Host Admit’s Network’s Beef With Biden Based On Bull

For days, right-wing politicians, public figures, and news/opinion hosts have been complaining about a policy coming down from Joe Biden that would limit Americans to one burger per person per month, and/or require a 90% reduction in red meat consumption. The biggest problem with this is that the policy doesn’t exist. It’s not true. It’s based on misinformation at best, if not outright lies.

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The Daily Show, therefore, compiled the following collection, showing multiple clips of Fox News personalities claiming that this beef ban is real, then one host, John Roberts, rather passively admitting that this may have been a misleading connection.

Roberts himself can be seen early in the compilation saying, “Say goodby to your burgers if you wanna sign up for the Biden climate agenda,” then later saying that the “graphic and script incorrectly implied” that this was based on a Biden policy.

CNN‘s Daniel Dale explained over the weekend where the phony story came from. A study did show that reducing beef consumption by 90% would reduce emissions by a significant amount. However, the study was unconnected to Biden’s climate proposal. Then, the Daily Mail ran a piece connecting the two, and a long list of right-wing figures jumped aboard to echo this alternate fact.

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For instance, one new U.S. House Representative called the president the “Hamburglar” and suggested that he was hypocritically eating hamburgers whenever he pleased while taking them from the average American citizen.

It remains to be seen whether any other public figures, politicians, and reporters who echoed this falsehood will also admit it’s a lie, and/or apologize.

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