WATCH: Fox News Guest Says Trump Will Perjur Himself if He Takes The Stand

Donald Trump is currently in serious legal trouble in New York and is counting on his lawyers to get him out of trouble. But there is no more arrogant man than the former President, and he likely thinks he could fix everything if he just took the stand himself. 

His lawyers certainly realize that Trump wouldn't be able to control himself if he were to take the stand. In fact, a guest on Fox News this weekend opined that if the former President took the stand he would almost certainly perjure himself. 

Democratic strategist Jim Kessler was on a Fox News panel this weekend and they were discussing how anyone vying to become Trump's running mate must defend him on cable news against the criminal charges. 

"I think if Trump is making his VP choice on who defends him best in a trial, it's a dumb way to go about it," Kessler explained. "Look, I don't think these trials are going to have much effect on Donald Trump's popularity unless he testifies."

The Democratic strategist continued, "If he testifies, then he's going to commit perjury because he did have sex with those women, and there was hush money there."

Kessler closed:

"So I think, you know, far be it for me to give Donald Trump advice, but he needs to pick someone that's going to help him with women and with Republican moderate voters. And if he goes with the ones who defend him best in the trial, he's missing an opportunity."