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WATCH: Fox News Guest Says Blacks Are Resentful of the Accomplishments Made by Western People

WATCH: Fox News Guest Says Blacks Are Resentful of the Accomplishments Made by Western People

University of Pennsylvania Law professor Amy Wax has a history of making racist comments. In January of 2022, Ted Ruger, the Dean of the school’s Carey Law School sought sanctions against her, noting, “Professor Amy Wax has repeatedly made derogatory public statements about the characteristics, attitudes, and abilities of a majority of those who study, teach, and work here.”

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That history makes her a perfect guest for Tucker Carlson’s show. And during an appearance on Carlson’s radio program, she again insulted both Asians and Blacks.

After Carlson brought up looting, he asked his guest where the anger came from. Wax responded:

“I think there is just a tremendous amount of resentment and shame of non-Western peoples against Western peoples for Western people’s outsize achievements and contributions. I mean, it’s really unbearable. I was actually leaving aside American Blacks, who I do think feel that resentment and shame. It’s really this unholy brew of sentiments.”

The professor then continued, “Asian and South Asian, Indian Doctors at Penn Med, I mean, I know people there, and I know what’s going on there. That they’re on the ramparts for the anti-racism movement for Dump on America, America’s an evil racist place.”

Carlson, an extreme race-baiter, then remarked, “I hate thinking about groups anyway because what matters is the individual. But as long as we are, if you’re a member of the highest income group [Asians and South Asians], highest-achieving group and you’re looking down on others, native-born Whites for example, and saying ‘you’re the problem,’ how does that work exactly?

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