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WATCH: Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Agrees Peter Doocy’s Question Was Dumb

WATCH: Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Agrees Peter Doocy’s Question Was Dumb

During each press conference Jen Psaki holds, Fox’s Peter Doocy asks a ridiculous question. Of course, it is Doocy’s job to try and get the White House to give him a good soundbite.

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Yesterday, the Fox reporter took this tack with Joe Biden. The President didn’t take the bait and was caught on video saying, “More inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch.”

While addressing the comments today, Greg Gutfeld agreed with Biden. He told viewers, “Biden was right, it was a dumb question! ‘Will inflation hurt your chances?’ Of course, it will! So actually, Biden was correct. It was a dumb question.”

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But then the Fox anchor credited Doocy with his reaction, continuing:

“But that’s the best part about Fox News. We aren’t CNN. We aren’t wetting our shorts and calling this, you know, an attack on democracy or an insurrection. Every time [Jim] Acosta acted like a stone tool and got CNN’s cavalcade of Karens, you know, fretting about the coming reign of terror.

The fact that we find this hilarious and that we can make fun of Peter Doocy says everything about how much fun this network is. But if it were Jim Acosta, they’d have to change [Anderson] Cooper’s sheets. Carl Bernstein would say it’s worse than Watergate. And also, if you didn’t mind Trump berating the press, you shouldn’t mind now.”

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