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WATCH: Fox News’ Ed Henry Falsely Claims New Wall Being Built

WATCH: Fox News’ Ed Henry Falsely Claims New Wall Being Built

The construction of a border wall on the United States/Mexican border was one of Donald Trump’s key campaign promises. Not only did the future President say he would have the wall built, he also claimed that Mexico would pay for it.

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With this week’s trip to San Diego to view the Otay Mesa border wall, Trump has again put the spotlight on border security. While speaking about the President’s trip to California, Fox News pundit Ed Henry falsely claimed that miles of new wall have been built.

Henry told his co-hosts:

“We’ve had Democrats on the show saying the president is not telling the truth. That’s what they claim when he says and boasts that there’s new wall being built. And I’m here to say: the president is right and they are wrong. And that’s not an opinion, that’s from my reporting with my own two eyes. I was there, there is in fact miles and miles of new wall built, and it’s working.”

According to NBC News, Henry is incorrect. Jane C. Timm writes, ” Trump’s administration has yet to extend the border wall. There are 654 miles of border wall in the U.S., according to Customs and Border Protection data, the same number of miles that existed at the start of his term.”

Henry was asked by Fox anchor Brian Kilmeade if the wall being built now is replacing wall that was already there. He replied,”This is the beginning of building what the president was talking about, dozens and dozens more miles that are actually going to keep illegal immigrants out.”

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