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WATCH: Fox News’ Dobbs Suggest Going to War With China Over COVID-19

WATCH: Fox News’ Dobbs Suggest Going to War With China Over COVID-19

The coronavirus that is currently sweeping across the globe originated in China. While the disease is currently thought to have developed naturally, there are some segments of the Conservative media speculating that is was created in a lab. Fox News host Bret Baier pushed this idea during his Wednesday broadcast.

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On Thursday, another Fox host, Lou Dobbs, took Baier’s speculation one step further. Dobbs said that if “bioweapon” had been created in a Chinese lab, then the United States should consider going to war against the foreign power.

The host brought up the scenario while speaking with former Trump National Security Adviser, KT McFarland. He began:

“If this turns out to be a biological weapon, K.T., if this happens to be a conscious and overt act on the part of the Chinese military — and we know that biological warfare is part of their military doctrine, a significant part, just as cyber warfare or any other — if this were to turn out to be that, what should be the response?”

Dobbs continued, “If we don’t go to war over the loss of … 31,000 American lives, what do we go to war over? When do we quit sending strong letters and talking tough? At what point are there consequences for this kind of behavior? Because whether they did it intentionally or not, we do know this: That virus was unleashed on the world, and they lied, and that is the same as making it an intentional and conscious act of warfare, as far as I’m concerned.”

Watch a video of the hosts comments below, courtesy of Fox News:

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