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(WATCH) Fox News’ Chris Wallace Calls out Rush Limbaugh’s Clear Hypocrisy

(WATCH) Fox News’ Chris Wallace Calls out Rush Limbaugh’s Clear Hypocrisy

Fox News’ Chris Wallace has a reputation as a journalist who is willing to speak truth to power. He is also willing to call out high-profile conservatives for deceptive statistics or false narratives.

Wallace had Rush Limbaugh on his Sunday show to discuss Donald Trump’s recent national emergency declaration. The host was quick to point out Limbaugh’s hypocrisy in demonizing Obama’s executive action use while praising Trump’s.

Wallace reminded Limbaugh that he accused Barack Obama of, “flushing the constitution down the toilet,” through use of executive action. When Trump utilized the method, however, Limbaugh praised him.

Wallace said to the radio host:

I understand that you like what President Trump is doing. And you didn’t like President Obama was doing. But that’s the concern here, is that to the degree that you give the president more and more powers, yes, you are going to get some things — executive powers — from one president you like, but you’re going to get things — executive powers — from another president that you don’t like.

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Limbaugh, clearly flustered by the question, attempted to backpedal. He replied, “You may look at it that way. I don’t. I look at it, right and wrong. And what Obama was doing was furthering this existing problem and politicizing this using whatever executive powers he wanted to use.

With his role in the government shutdown, some see Limbaugh as having an outsized influence on Donald Trump’s decision making. By questioning his hypocrisy, Wallace is playing an important part in keeping that power in check.

See the exchange here:

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