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Watch: Fox News’ Bartiromo Lauds Anti-Vax Ron Johnson as a COVID ‘Truth Teller’

Watch: Fox News’ Bartiromo Lauds Anti-Vax Ron Johnson as a COVID ‘Truth Teller’

When COVID-19 came to the United States, Donald Trump focused on making it a culture war issue rather than keeping people safe. And many Republicans in the Senate fell right in line.

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Few lawmakers spread more COVID misinformation than Ron Johnson. The Unvaxxed Senator claimed he wouldn’t be getting a shot because he already had COVID. And this week, he knocked inoculations by saying that we can’t create something better than God.

Johnson recently announced he would run for re-election. So Fox News had him on air this Sunday to shower him with privies.

Johnson began the interview by whining:

“We need the truth. And unfortunately, the truth is being censored today at an alarming, a very disconcerting rate. And so I’m just one of those truth tellers. I ask tough questions, I try and get answers, but when I tell the truth, the truths that the media elite, the governing elite don’t want to hear, I get censored, I get attacked, vilified, but it doesn’t deter me. I think we need people that are willing to seek the truth.“

Bartiromo responded to Johnson’s comments by showering him with praise. She told the Wisconsin Republican, “You have been a truth-teller around Covid, the origins of Covid, the origins of the Russia hoax, the impeachment of Donald Trump. The list goes on and on.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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