WATCH: Fox News Anchors Decide That Barack Obama Is Not Articulate

For most President’s, there is a specific skill that helps propel them to the White House. It might be charm and charisma. Or it might be a natural empathy that helps them to connect with people. For Barack Obama, many considered his greatest gift to be his oratory skills.

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

For some Fox News anchors, though, that aspect of the 44th President’s skill set is wildly overrated. During a Sunday show Jedidiah Bila and Pete Hegseth slammed Obama’s recent commencement speech and determined that he wasn’t that articulate after all.

Bila began the segment, saying, “The more I listen to it (Obama’s speech) the weirder it gets. When you first listen to it, you almost forget that it’s a commencement speech. You say, oh, this is President Obama, you know, giving some sort of political speech, you know, trying to say that the Trump administration is divisive.”

She continued, “It’s supposed to be motivational, positive, it’s supposed to be about the graduates. This was not the time for what he’s doing. This was not the time to say, oh, this leadership isn’t doing a great job or adults don’t always know what they’re doing.”

Hegseth agreed, opining, “Time and time again, he talks like a political leftist. These Democrat governors feel like we’re in charge, we’re the experts and Donald Trump’s got it all wrong. It’s amazing.”

The Fox & Friends anchor finished, “And by the way, Barack Obama’s not all that articulate. When he reads off a teleprompter, he can be inspiring or off of a speech. But when he’s impromptu, the ums and the ahs, it’s impossible to listen to.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:


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