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WATCH: Fox News Anchor Says Biden Getting COVID is ‘Karma’

WATCH: Fox News Anchor Says Biden Getting COVID is ‘Karma’

On Thursday, it was revealed that Joe Biden had contracted COVID. It is not all that surprising that many Americans, regardless of vaccination status, have come down with the disease at some time or another. The President has said that his symptoms are mild and that he will continue working.

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Not surprisingly, there is some palpable glee in Conservative media over the news. During a Thursday segment, Fox host Joey Jones stated that the President, who has attempted to keep all Americans safe regardless of political beliefs, is getting a dose of Karma.

The pundit began, “I think when you’re pretending to have cancer one day and you’ve got Covid the next, you might want to recalibrate how you treat things and how you talk. But you know, I don’t wish back luck on him and I’m not going to say that that’s the reason why. It just maybe it’s a good opportunity for him to have a reality check.”

Yesterday, Biden referred to having skin cancer cells removed before he took office. People like Jones have turned this into yet another conspiracy theory.

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The Fox host continued, “And I think, President Bident, his little statement on cancer yesterday is proof of that, that politicians have taken that too far,” Jones opined. “So what I hope is he recovers fast, it doesn’t hurt him, um, that much at all and that he recovers and he reconsiders, you know just how politicians work on stuff like this because saying he had cancer the way he did and backtracking it the way they did, that’s karma, man.”

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