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WATCH: Fox News Anchor Asks: Is Biden too Focused on the Coronavirus

WATCH: Fox News Anchor Asks: Is Biden too Focused on the Coronavirus

Obviously, the COVID-19 is the top subject on cable news. That is, unless you watch Fox News every night. The network has done their best to underplay the seriousness of the pandemic. One study found that viewers of Fox News were more likely to contract the virus.

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And, of course, it is easy for Democrats to attack the way Donald Trump has dealt with the pandemic. It is, in fact, a central issue of Donald Trump’s campaign. So during a recent interview on Fox, one anchor wondered if Biden was talking about the issue too much.

Trace Gallagher, somewhat desperately, asked Fox pundit Chris Wallace, “Biden spent a lot of time going after Trump and his coronavirus response. So what do you think about coronavirus — too much — too much focus on coronavirus for the Biden campaign?”

Wallace replied, “No. I think it’s their best issue, it’s at the top of people’s minds. According to a poll out today, only 39% of Americans approve of the president’s handling of the coronavirus. So, I would expect Joe Biden to keep pounding away on the issue.”

The pundit continued, “Coronavirus is a good issue for him. And if you believe the polls, not a good issue for the President.”

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Watch a clip of the interview below, courtesy of the Fox News Network:

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