WATCH: Fox News Analyst Says Maybe Someone Else Had Devin Nunes Phone

With each passing week, more information seems to come out connecting Devin Nunes to the Ukraine. Last week, a CNN report alleged that the California congressman had met with a former Ukrainian prosecutor in an attempt to get dirt on Joe Biden. Yesterday, Congress released phone records that show Nunes in frequent contact with arrested Ukrainian `Lev Parnas.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

This morning on Fox had legal analyst Gregg Jarrett on to discuss the communication between Nunes and the Ukraine. Jarrett claimed that the calls may not matter because it may not have actually been the congressman on the phone.

Democrats allege that the phone records show a concerted effort to coordinate an attack on Joe Biden. Asked if the calls were problematic, the analyst said, “Well, we just don’t know because we don’t know the details. In fact, it’s a call log, does that mean that Devin Nunes was on the phone or someone else. And we don’t know the import of it.

The lawyer then tried to clear Nunes by attacking chair of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff. “You know, frankly, I don’t trust Adam Schiff,” said the legal analyst. “He has a long and distinguished track record of deception and lies. I lay it out in my book. He lied about the dossier, he lied about Bruce Orr, he lied about evidence of collusion. And of course, we saw him lie at the beginning, the first hearing into impeachment, in which he made up a narrative that didn’t exist.”

You can watch a clip of Jarrett’s interview here, courtesy of Fox News:

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