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WATCH: Fox News Ainsley Earhardt Laments That Trump is Reviled in New York

WATCH: Fox News Ainsley Earhardt Laments That Trump is Reviled in New York

This has been an eventful last week for Donald Trump and his home state of New York. The President first announced that he would be moving full-time to Palm Beach Florida. He was then booed over the weekend while attending a UFC fight at Madison Square Garden.

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While some conservatives, like Donald Trump Jr., tried to say the President wasn’t actually jeered, others came to admit that Trump is not well like in New York City. Fox News Ainsley Earhardt is one of these people and during a segment today, she admitted that the President is “reviled in New York City.”

Earhardt interviewed New York Post writer Michael Goodwin. Goodwin had recently written an oped blasting Andrew Cuomo and Bill diBlasio for mocking Trump’s recent decision.

In the piece, Goodwin wrote, “Trump is the first New Yorker to be President since FDR, yet city and state Democrats won’t even show basic respect for the office. Instead of honey, it’s all bile and vinegar as they engage in constant attacks and use their power to harass, investigate and punish the president, his family and his businesses.”

An unhappy Earhardt then took over the conversation and implied that Trump deserved better. “He loves the city, he loves the state,” she said. “He’s built a lot of it.”

The host continued, “It is sad. If he wanted to go to a restaurant down in the West Village, he probably would be booed or kicked out of the restaurant. And this is his city.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:


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