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WATCH: Fox Nat’l Sec. Correspondent Slams Fox Hosts Who Think Ukraine Situation is ‘Fake’

WATCH: Fox Nat’l Sec. Correspondent Slams Fox Hosts Who Think Ukraine Situation is ‘Fake’

For years, the world has been waiting for the moment that Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. The Russian President, who already annexed Crimea, has been hinting at it for years.

Photo by Justin Fishel/FOX News Channel via Getty Images

Today, President Joe Biden said that he expects Russia to invade. However, some Fox hosts continued to claim that the situation is overblown to distract from the Durham probe. Today, Fox war correspondent Jennifer Griffin blasted those who would make that claim.

During a Friday episode of The Five, Greg Gutfeld claimed, “There’s something else going on here that is–that feels very, very manufactured. And I don’t know what it is.”

Kennedy weighed in, “Jake Sullivan is the national security adviser. And he is in deep yogurt in the Durham probe, and he’s been the one saying, ‘We have so much intelligence an invasion is imminent.’ He said that last Friday. It’s the next Friday, here we are. I don’t think Putin is going to invade.”

Griffin was having none of these conspiracy theories. She told the hosts:

“Right now, every American should be watching this and knowing that this is deadly serious. This is not some wag-the-dog situation. To even mention the Durham probe in the same sentence as what we know, and what we can see with our own eyes in terms of the military buildup and knowing what Vladimir Putin is capable of–I served in Moscow from 1996 to ’99. I watched as Vladimir Putin rose. I remember the apartment blocks that were blown up by his KGB, his FSB as a pretext to go into Chechnya. Go look at those images of Chechnya and how carpet-bombed Chechnya was when the Russian military moves in. This is not a precision, small pinpointed strike. This will be the full weight of the Russian military going into Ukraine if someone doesn’t stop it in the coming days.”

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