WATCH: Fox, Kilmead Try to Get Back in Trump’s Good Graces

Since losing the election Donald Trump has roundly criticized Fox News for calling Arizona’s Nov. 3 vote in favor of President-elect Joe Biden and encouraged his cult of supporters to turn to Newsmax and OAN as sources of “news.” But given the opportunity to get in front of a camera to push his stolen election conspiracy theories Trump gladly agreed to an interview with Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmead.

Trump’s appearance was recorded at Saturday’s Army-Navy football game and aired Sunday morning. The collection of clips that aired show Trump as the most aggrieved president in United States history who doesn’t get enough credit for rebuilding a military that Kilmead absurdly said “was out of bullets.” “When I took over we had a depleted military. We had no ammunition. I’ll never forget a very overrated general coming to see me and saying, ‘sir, we have no ammunition,” Trump responded. “Now our nuclear is tippy-top.”

Trump then railed against the Supreme Court, to which he’s appointed three justices, for failing to consider the Texas lawsuit challenging the election results in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania. “No judge has had the courage, including the Supreme Court – I am so disappointed in them – has had the courage to allow it to be heard,” he said. “They’re winning these things on little technicalities, like a thing called standing.”

Kilmead, daring to ask a follow-up question, said, “So will you show up at the inauguration?” Trump cut him off, saying “I don’t want to talk about that.”

The Fox host then teed up Trump to opine on the performance of Attorney General William Barr and his handling of an ongoing investigation into the tax affairs of Hunter Biden. Trump said “who isn’t disappointed” in referring to Barr and actually praised Robert Mueller, who for two years investigated possible collusion with Russia by the 2016 Trump campaign.

Finally, without any sense of self-awareness or sense of irony, Trump told Kilmead that he worries “about the country having an illegitimate president. That’s what I worry about. A president that lost and lost badly. This wasn’t like a close election.”

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