WATCH: Fox Hosts Mocks Trump After Jeanine Pirro Says He's Not Worried to Go to Jail

After several years, many of Donald Trump's legal cases have come to a head. And things don't look good for the former President in many of the cases. Trump could not only lose lots of money but there are also situations where he could lose his freedom. 

Trump is seemingly terrified over his ordeals but has continued to claim that he is tough and unafraid to get into trouble. When Jeanine Pirro tried to make this point on Wednesday's episode of The Five, Jessica Tarlov quickly mocked the 45th President. 

When Tarlov noted that Trump seems afraid to come into the courtroom in his New York case. Jeanine Pirro then snapped, "He's not afraid of anything!"

Tarlov retorted, "Oh, big man, not afraid. Whatever." Pirro responded, "I know him, he's not." The Liberal host then replied:

"Okay, I’m sure you do know him and I don’t know him, but I don’t think that that man who doesn’t even want to sleep in a hotel bed wants to go to jail. So, don't refute what happened. We know about Sydney Powell, we know about John Eastman who just got disbarred — Rudy Giuliani who's obviously not in a very good position, how the mighty have fallen."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox: