WATCH: Fox Hosts Gush Over Michelle Obama’s Convention Speech

There were a number of high-profile speakers Monday night at the Democratic National Convention. This included 2020 runner-up Bernie Sanders and former Republican governors like John Kasich and Christine Whitman. But no speaker was more anticipated than former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

And just like in 2016, the common response was that Obama knocked her speech out of the park. This wasn’t only being said by Liberals, either. During a Monday reaction show, Fox anchors Dana Perino, Chris Wallace agreed that the oration was very effective.

Perino began, “You’ve just got the sense that when you talk about authenticity, she has it in spades. She has that voice, she has clarity and she knows what she’s out there wanting to do. And she was trying to get everybody to really focus, and then she had a call to action: Ask for your ballot tonight. I think that the DNC, if they look over the course of the night, the first virtual convention of our history, I think they would say that Michelle Obama stuck the landing.”

Wallace agreed:

“You know, it’s interesting. You know, Michelle Obama, as she said, doesn’t like politics and she said that this speech was her main contribution to the Biden campaign. It was a heck of a contribution. She really flayed, sliced and diced Donald Trump, talking about the chaos and confusion, and lack of empathy, especially coming from this president and this White House. And again, very practical. Not just, ‘This is what your feelings should be.’ But you gotta get out, you gotta vote, you gotta convince your neighbors to vote. This was a very effective speech.”

Night 2 of the Democratic National Convention begins Tuesday at 9PM EST.



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