WATCH: Fox Hosts Complain About the Upcoming 'War on Thanksgiving'

Americans all over the country are excited to be getting together with family for Thanksgiving. But those watching Fox News on Wednesday got a heaping spoonful out faux outrage courtesy of Julie Banderas and Abby Hornacek. 

The hosts were discussing a recent column by Chase Iron Eyes. In the piece, the Native American said while Thanksgiving should continue to be celebrated that there should also be an acknowledgment of the suffering of Native Americans. 

Discussing the piece, Banderas complained, "This is just so ridiculous. A truth-giving, first of all, you don't want truth at my Thanksgiving Day table. That's ridiculous. Like that's the most depressing conversation to have at our Thanksgiving meal. Let's give thanks for what we do have."

Hornacek then weighed in by blaming Liberals, saying, "But the reality is, is you can address our nation's history, which is sometimes ugly, while also acknowledging the good things that come out of the way that we celebrate Thanksgiving today. The way that it brings families together who might only see each other once a year."

While the pair were getting worked up over the issue, Fox ran a chyron at the bottom of the screen that read, 'War on Thanksgiving.' It is no surprise that Fox would respond to a call for the recognition of genocide by somehow painting themselves as the victims.