WATCH: Fox Host Wonders Why Trump is Comparing Himself to Nelson Mandela

It has been a strange couple of years for Donald Trump. The former President has somehow avoided the consequences of his actions for his entire adult life. But that is slowly coming to a change as he faces court cases in numerous states. 

There is little argument in his cases that Trump did no wrong, so he has instead focused on attacking the prosecutors and judges in his cases along with their families. A judge in New York, Juan Merchan, recently placed a gag order on Trump. Trump responded by saying he would go to jail over the order and compared himself to a former South African President. 

During his Sunday show, Fox host Howard Kurtz asked Trump spokesperson Karoline Leavitt, "Why is he comparing himself to Mandela? And is he now worried about going to jail in this case?"

The spokesperson responded:

"Unfortunately, he’ll have to be on trial in a dirty New York City courtroom because Alvin Bragg is a far-Left district attorney who has spent more time persecuting President Trump than prosecuting real violent criminals on the streets of New York. President Trump is exposing the truth in all of these Biden led witch hunts. And that’s exactly why you see these gag orders coming down. Not only are they prosecuting him, but they want to silence him. It’s a complete violation of his First Amendment rights."

Kurtz was quick to respond to his guest that Trump is only barred from attacking court officials and their families, saying, "Well, he can still talk about the case."