WATCH: Fox Host Wonders Why Democrats Aren't Called Fascists and Communists

There are several examples of Donald Trump and his acolytes engaging in fascistic actions. The January 6th riots are, stirred up by the former President, is a strong example. So was the time when protestors were tear-gassed so that Trump could perform a photo op at St. John's Church. 

The argument against Trump is so strong, that the hosts in Fox News have to respond with their typical whataboutism. On Sunday, Rachel Campos-Duffy argued that it's Democrats who are embracing fascism. 

Campos-Duffy praised Donald Trump's attacks on Democrats, saying, "As the Democrats have sort of removed the mask of who they are — and we've seen it on display in many ways, especially over the last couple months through these protests — I love that he is just naming it out, calling them communists and fascists. Let's just have a really blunt, honest conversation about what are the choices in this election."

Co-host Will Cain weighed in, 'I like the phrase, the destroyers of democracy. Now, listen, I don't know if it's a matter of human nature, but I definitely know it's a matter of political strategy, that the left has engaged successfully for a good half a decade now of accusing their opponents of the sins which they are committing. What they have done is demonize others for the things that they are secretly doing," he added. "And it's been revealed to itself as well through this lens of, you're a threat to democracy."

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Fox News: