WATCH: Fox Host Will Cain Says Vaccines for Kids Are More Risky Than Contracting COVID

To the relief or millions of parents around the country, vaccines will be available for children aged 5-11. While children are at less risk to get seriously ill from COVID-19, almost 400 have died from the virus.

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Will Cain, though, continues to push anti-vaccine hysteria. During his Friday night broadcast, the Fox host claimed that vaccines are more dangerous to children than COVID.

Cain told viewers:

“We have to believe in science. We have to follow the data. And the data is clear. Children are not great threats to themselves or anyone else when it comes to COVID. It’s simply backed up by every piece of data that we have. In fact, we know from VAERS reporting — Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting — and although it’s imperfect, we know from that the risk to children from the vaccine outweighs the risk to COVID. This comes in the form of hospitalizations. You are more likely, as a child, to end up in the hospital because of the vaccine than you are because of COVID. That’s data from the CDC and from VAERS. Why are we then going to push this antiscientific mandate onto our children? If we don’t stand up now, we’ll stand up for nothing.”

WATCH a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network:

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