WATCH: Fox Host Steve Doocy Actually Fact Checks a Guest Who Pushed Voting Machine Conspiracy Theory

When guests on cable news programs push false narratives and theories, it is incumbent on the hosts to fact check them. This normal practice, however, does not happen very often on Fox News. This is especially true during the prime time shows and the morning broadcast of Fox & Friends.

Steve Doocy (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

So that means a normal fact check that occurred on Friday morning is something of an anomaly. Lawyer Jonathan Turley appeared on the show and began to spout a conspiracy theory about voting machines changing votes from Trump to Biden. Host Steve Doocy quickly jumped in to correct the false claim.

Turley told the panel, “In Michigan, you had thousands of votes that were given to Biden that belonged to Trump. Now, that doesn’t mean it was a nefarious purpose. This is a new software that apparently is vulnerable to human error.”

Doocy responded, “I looked into it. With that Dominion software, five counties in Michigan and Georgia had problems. And the Dominion software was used in two of the counties and in every instance largely it was human error, a problem, but the software did not affect the vote counts.”

While Doocy may have been willing to push back on the theory, other hosts on Fox continue to push it. Last night, Sean Hannity pushed the Dominion voting machine idea. He did close the statement, though, by saying, “I can’t say definitively tonight that happened. I don’t know — I can barely download an app.”

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