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WATCH: Fox Host Says NFL Needs to be Careful About Honoring Jacob Blake

WATCH: Fox Host Says NFL Needs to be Careful About Honoring Jacob Blake

The killing of George Floyd and the shooting of Jacob Blake have driven many Americans into the street to protest for racial justice. Professional athletes have become deeply involved with the demonstrations as well. This was especially true about Blake’s shooting when NBA called for a strike from the league’s playoffs.

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The NFL kicks off next week and it’s likely that their players will be demonstrating as well. On Sunday, Fox Weekend hosts warned that they shouldn’t try to honor Blake in any way.

Will Cain began, “I think the NFL needs to tread very lightly here. I think they need to be very careful. There’s certainly issues in this country that are needed to be addressed and players have a high desire to address these issues. But if you tell the rest of the country that your country is racist and your police are hunting members of the African American community down in the streets, you are going to turn off a massive portion of your audience.”

Pete Hegseth then jumped in:

“I don’t care what my quarterback thinks — You watch how Drew Brees changed his stance on this, totally caved from a stance that he had before. I don’t want my athletes kneeling for the national anthem. We don’t need two national anthems — a Black national anthem. Should Jacob Blake’s — listen, this is a guy who sexually assaulted a woman, had a series of abuse, resisted arrest — should his name be celebrated on the helmets of NFL players? That’s what’s being discussed right now. Is that what I want to watch?”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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