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WATCH: Fox Host Praises Putin As “One Man Standing Between Us & New World Order”

WATCH: Fox Host Praises Putin As “One Man Standing Between Us & New World Order”

According to Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin is “savvy,” “genius.” One member of the MAGA branch of the Republican Party has suggested Americans are tired of hearing about Ukraine, and another says that she finds herself more aligned with Putin than Biden — because she considers the former to be more Christian. Meanwhile Trumpians like Roger Stone have opined that Russia was just defending its own people by invading Ukraine.

[Photo by Sergei GuneyevTASS via Getty Images]

Now, a Fox News host, Lara Logan, says that Putin is actually defending us all against the so-called “New World Order,” and blames Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for mass graves in his country.

“Putin is not willing to be part of whatever global governing structure is coming our way. He’s one man who’s standing between us and the pwple who want to see a new world order…if you go to Donbas, in the east of Ukraine, if you go to Odessa, if you go to Lugansk, you know what you will find? Mass graves…and that is on Zelenskyy’s watch. It’s Zelenskyy, and the Ukrainian military and paramilitary, who have put those people in the ground.”

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The Jerusalem Post reported on the Russian claim of mass graves last month, saying that world leaders feared the claim would be used, in exactly this way, as a ‘false flag’ to justify Putin’s attacks on the nation. Russian officials claim that these alleged mass graves are filled with the bodies of Russian-speaking separatists, killed by shelling carried out by Ukrainian forces.

Logan is hardly the first Fox News host to parrot Russian propaganda — Tucker Carlson is among the voices that are regularly replayed on Russian state television.

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