WATCH: Fox host likens Putin victim Alexey Navalny to Donald Trump

After years of being punished by the country of Russia, Alexey Navalny died this week in a Russian prison. He was jailed for the crime of speaking out against Vladimir Putin. The same Putin whom Donald Trump chose to support over his own intelligence agencies while in the White House. 

This week, Navalny died while in Russian custody. The cause of his death will never be revealed and his treatment says a lot about the way Putin runs his country. Still, Fox News, seeing that Navalny was a victim, felt the need to tie him to Donald Trump. 

Rachel Campos-Duffy remarked, "Yeah, I mean, it is interesting to hear, you know, so much of our political elites talking about what's going on in Russia. You know, you had Dan Hoffman on earlier talking about the protesters who were arrested in Moscow yesterday trying to, you know, sort of carry on the message of Navalny."

She then tried to compare insurrections to the Russian activist, saying, "But we have protesters here who have been arrested. Many of them probably deserved loitering tickets. Some of them sitting in our own prisons in Washington, D.C."

Campos-Duffy continued, "We have the same kind of, you know, concerted, you know, organized effort to take Donald Trump, the front-runner, off of ballots, out of the race, to tie him up in court cases so he can't concentrate on his campaign."