WATCH: Fox Host Lies About Government Keeping Him Out of Studio

Fox and Friends has spent much of the last month hammering shelter at home policies enacted by local governments. The hosts of the shows have attempted to make heroes of business owners who have defied the laws to open their businesses.

Fox Anchor, Steve Doocy (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

The irony of these Fox rants is that the anchors are making them from the comfort of their own homes. Fox recently extended their stay at home policy in regards to on-air talent. Despite this, Steve Doocy claimed on air that they weren’t broadcasting from their studio because of the government.

The host told his morning audience, “All of us are in really restrictive areas right now. And that’s why we are not sitting together on the same couch, or even in the same studio. Because the government won’t let us right now.”

This statement is 100% false. The state of New York deemed broadcasters to be essential personnel. Some CNN anchors have continued to broadcast from the New York studio.

Doocy corrected his error later in the show. “I mentioned earlier, we were broadcasting from separate remote locations, I said because the government won’t let us. I need to clarify. We are simply following the government protocols and guidelines. And ultimately, if you are lucky enough that you can work from home, you should.“

Watch a clip from the show below, courtesy of Fox News:


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