WATCH: Fox Host Incredulous at Legal Expert's Defense of Trump

Not only do Fox News anchors do their best to protect Donald Trump during their broadcasts, the network also brings on experts who also seem to favor the former president as well. 

Jonathan Turley, the channel's legal expert, frequently makes arguments on Trump's behalf. Trump even carried printed out articles that the legal expert wrote on Fox's website. On Tuesday, Turley took his defense of Trump so far that host Sandra Smith felt the need to step in. 

Turley was complaining about Trump's New York gag order, saying:

"One of the things that that President Trump has wanted to talk about is the fact that you had people like [Matthew] Colangelo who came from the Biden Justice Department to effectively lead aspects of this prosecution, and that type of cross weaponization is precisely what has been alleged in this weaponization of the criminal justice system and so [Trump has] gotten a bit of a half loaf here. But the question is why is Merchan still operating this throttle control over what a presidential candidate can say or not say?"

Smith corrected, "The limitations are on [speaking about] individual prosecutors, court staff, and their family members. And he's saying that's essentially until the sentencing on July 11. But that still doesn't make sense to you?"

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News: