WATCH: Fox Host Destroys James Comer Over His Biden Hypocrisy

For months now, James Comer has been talking about how he believes that Joe Biden has engaged in criminal behavior. What the Kentucky lawmaker didn't know, as he was failing to provide evidence for his claims, was that he was being investigated as well. And that investigation has turned up some interesting information. 

On Thursday, the Associated Press published a story claiming that Comer is using a shell company to hide assets. Jessica Tarlov, the token Liberal on The Five, pointed out his hypocrisy to viewers yesterday afternoon. 

She began, "So he's been going on for months about the fact that people who are innocent of these things don’t have shell companies. But guess what? James Comer does."

The pundit continued:

"And it is masking, of course, the fact that he owns more land than goes on his financial disclosure forms. If someone is trying to run an above board impeachment inquiry and is running around all over television saying Innocent people don’t do this thing that I’m actually doing myself." 

She then turned to her co-host Jesse Watters and said, "And maybe there’s more. Maybe this won’t ever be enough for you, that’s probably the case."

Watch a clip of Tarlov's comments below, courtesy of the Fox News network: