WATCH: Fox Host Defends MSNBC Against Slams From Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz very much wants to control the messaging that Republicans hear. The Texas senator even has his own podcast where he regularly pushes his agenda. 

According to the Texas senator, Fox News is giving Conservative-leaning people the truth while other networks are lying to them. But when Cruz attempted to make this point on Howard Kurtz's Fox News show, the host shut his message down. 

The host asked, "You say for conservators of big bucks buy a damn movie studio, buy a network, buy CNN. But you think the megacorporations that these outlets, that own these outlets, are run by wild-eyed liberals?"

"Well, for whatever reason, yes," Cruz replied. "And MSNBC is a rabidly partisan, dishonest institution. They're not, they don't cover news, you know."

The Fox host countered, Sure, they cover news. Not the way you want it." An agitated Cruz shot back, "No, they don't, no, they don't. If you watch CNN, MSNBC, there is no border crisis," Cruz complained. "Doesn't exist, because they don't cover on those facts."

Of course, the non-Fox networks have covered the border, just not in the same way Fox has. Fox viewers tune into Fox to get the kind of news they want and those same people are tuning into Cruz's podcast.