WATCH: Fox & Friends Tells Viewers, Impeachment is Boring, let us Summarize

On Tuesday afternoon, the impeachment trial of Donald Trump started in earnest. The day’s session, which concerned the rules of the process was long, extending to almost 13 hours. The arguments were filled with legal jargon which could be tough to understand for a layperson.

John Lamparski/Getty Images

On Wednesday morning, Fox and Friends had a solution for people who had trouble understanding exactly what was going on in the Senate. The hosts told their viewers not to watch the “boring” impeachment process and just let them summarize the proceedings instead.

Steve Doocy began the segment by saying, “Luckily, it’s so exciting, it’s going to keep them (the senators) awake. We’re just gonna show you the good stuff, because it was unbelievably boring. I don’t know how people could follow it.”

Pete Hegseth weighed in, “We watched so you don’t have to watch the whole thing. You felt like you were watching opening arguments, those haven’t even started yet. This was just the debate over the rules. I was sitting back thinking, ‘this is a circus.'”

Ainsley Earhardt then said, “I don’t think the majority of people watched. I think they just turn to us to be able to summarize it for them. It was so long.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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