WATCH: Fox & Friends Kilmeade Blames Trump for Crashing Market With Stimulus Tweet

There are some places on Fox News where you can see anchors criticize Donald Trump. Chris Wallace and Andrew Napolitano are two examples that come to mind. Even Bret Baier will sometimes take a shot when the president does something egregiously wrong.

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

But Fox and Friends has always been largely a safe zone for Trump. And the president often pays back one of his favorite shows by regularly appearing for interviews in the morning. But Trump couldn’t have been happy with what he saw on today’s broadcast. Host Brian Kilmeade took a once in a blue moon shot at the president blaming him for crashing the stock market.

Kilmeade seemed surprised that Trump would shut down a deal once Pelosi and Steve Mnuchin seemed to be in agreement. He told viewers, “For the president to come out with a tweet like that with the markets still open, [he] just crashed the market and cost people a lot of money — knowing that just an hour before, Fed chairman Jerome Powell put out this statement warning ‘that failing to inject more help into the economy would risk weakening the tenuous recovery.”

The host continued:

“Riding the markets, it does nothing, but people lose money and gets people extremely stressed, and when the markets closed, the president said let’s do this again. I actually think the president now has more pressure on him now than he had before his first tweet because Nancy Pelosi clearly could turn around and say it’s not my fault. I was having talks. So it looks like it’s the president that’s the one to blame now.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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