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WATCH: Fox & Friends Anchors Admit Trump Has Shown No Evidence of Election Fraud Claims

WATCH: Fox & Friends Anchors Admit Trump Has Shown No Evidence of Election Fraud Claims

Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States in 17 days. Still, Donald Trump has refused to concede that he lost the 2020 election. And his friends in both his party and within the media have been willing to give him plenty of rope.

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Over the last two months, though, Trump and his lawyers have only been able to provide conspiracy theories. There has been no evidence of their claims provided to courts. Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy admitted to this during their Monday morning show.

Ainsley Earhardt began the segment by talking about a number of the dubious claims made by Trump. These included dead people voting and living people voting more than once. “That’s the case that Donald Trump and his lawyers have put out,” Doocy countered. “They said there is all this evidence. But they haven’t really produced the evidence.”

Kilmeade then jumped in, “I just worry about you have that along with the protest the president is calling for on Tuesday and Wednesday. I mean, this is the type of anarchy that doesn’t work for anybody, Republicans or Democrats in the big picture. And I just think it’s up to the president’s legal team to produce what they are telling them they have. So far there is no proof of it.

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Doocy closed:

“There have been a number of the president’s supporters who have said things on TV or on social media that have, you know, clouded the waters where it’s like wow, thousands of dead people. Dominion machines and all that stuff. But interestingly enough, that information is never entered into a court because you cannot present information to a court if you do not have the evidence. And so far we haven’t seen the evidence. Maybe today at noon bring out the evidence but we haven’t seen the evidence.”


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