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WATCH: Fox Anchors Are Furious States Are Banning Cops From Using Choke Holds

WATCH: Fox Anchors Are Furious States Are Banning Cops From Using Choke Holds

In 2014, Eric Garner died after he was put in a choke-hold by NYPD officers. 6 years later, George Floyd died in Minneapolis after having officer Derek Chauvin held his knee down on his neck. This death helped put a further focus on the use of choke-holds during policing.

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A number of states have noticed the danger of the hold and have moved to ban the practice. On Saturday morning, Fox News hosts Jedidiah Bila and Pete Hegseth had an extreme reaction to the bans.

Bila began the segment by saying, “Many of the people that are saying defund the police or let’s just get — we don’t need police, let’s get rid of them, let’s decrease the numbers, are same people who are also not advocating for your 2nd Amendment rights. So, let me just ask them, if you can’t call the police and you can’t have some sort of weapon in your home to protected yourself and your family, what are you supposed to do?”

Hegseth responded, “The logic is also this reflexive idea that we need more funding in education. Well, we funded a lot of these government schools in these various… to not better outcomes for kids for a long time, and not talking about creative solutions like school choice.”

The Fox & Friends host continued:

“The most impossible job in America today is to be a law enforcement officer and the vast majority of them do incredibly well. Even something like a choke-hold, listen, how are you supposed to take somebody down? Ask them politely? What…. there are only a limited number of nonlethal tools that you have at your disposal when you are facing a threat. So even things like that, when you talk to law enforcement officials, they are shrugging their shoulders saying ‘Where do we go here from here?'”

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Watch a video of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News

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