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WATCH: Fox Anchor Says Roving Gangs Might Steal Ballots From Post Office Boxes

WATCH: Fox Anchor Says Roving Gangs Might Steal Ballots From Post Office Boxes

Fox News personalities usually fall into two camps. There are the open Trump supporters like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson. Then there are the more nuanced anchors like Bret Baier and Chris Wallace. Day time anchor Trace Gallagher is usually seen as being more along the lines of Wallace and Baier.

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But on Monday morning, Gallagher showed that he could do conspiracy as well as anyone. During a segment on voting by mail, the anchor said that roving gangs are lying in wait and could steal ballots from post office boxes.

Gallagher made the comments while speaking with Frank Albergo, the  head of the postal police union. Albergo argued that the current administration is treating the postal police unfairly.

An unsympathetic Gallagher replied, “I mean, if they can’t track mail theft — what’s the point? I mean, the whole thing is if I give a ballot, how do I know it got there, Frank? I mean, how do I know somebody didn’t steal it?”

The Fox host then got into the conspiracy theorizing, saying, “And I read some of these things about these gangs that are — you know, they lie in wait at these blue post office boxes, and they go in and they grab them. And you know, they’re very good at this kind of stuff. What’s to stop them from grabbing something else? Something that I put in there that needs to get, you know, to the election commission?”

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Albergo responded, “We are professionals, and the men and women of the postal police force are confused. They just don’t understand why this is happening. Why has the Postal Service handcuffed postal police? It is — it’s remarkable — and during a pandemic, right before an election. I mean, I wish I could make sense of it.”


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