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WATCH: Fox Anchor on Trump’s Interruptions: “Women Don’t Like That”

WATCH: Fox Anchor on Trump’s Interruptions: “Women Don’t Like That”

Donald Trump has an issue with women. That was pretty evident the day after his inauguration when over 1 million women took to the streets to protest. And it was clearly evident in 2018 when female voters carried the Democrats to a wave victory.

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In 2016, Trump was criticized for being disrespectful and menacing during his debates with Hillary Clinton. That behavior was evident again during Tuesday night’s discussion with Joe Biden. When talking about Trump’s frequent interruptions, Fox anchor Sandra Smith noted, “women don’t like that.”

Smith made the comments while speaking with RNC chair Ronna McDaniel. The host asked, “At any point when you were watching the debate, did you wish that perhaps President Trump didn’t jump in there as much as he did?”

The Republican answered, “Joe Biden was interrupting the president just as much,” McDaniel claimed falsely. “It was the back and forth.”

The Fox host countered, “But I’m asking you a question that you’re not answering. Did at any point, did you think it would be better for your party, better for the Trump campaign to not have jumped in as much as he did? Many women didn’t like that. They didn’t like the aggressiveness that they saw on the stage.”

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McDaniel replied, “I’m speaking as a female voter,” McDaniel said. “I wanted to see the president to force Joe Biden to answer these questions. I really wanted Chris Wallace to do it and I was glad to see the president do it.”

Watch a clip of the conversation below, courtesy of Fox News:

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