WATCH: Former Trump Spokesperson Wants Liars Held Accountable

Kayleigh McEnany, who is now working as a Conservative talking head for Fox News, wants people in the media who lie to be held accountable.

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

When Kayleigh McEnany became Donald Trump’s press secretary she made a pledge to not lie to reporters. The promise turned out to be ill-fated as she used the podium to spill half-truths, belittle reporters and generally make a mockery of the job.

Now that the former press secretary is working for Fox, she would like viewers to forget about that. During a Tuesday night segment, McEnany unironically called on liars to be held accountable.The talking head was appearing on Sean Hannity’s show to discuss the Ron DeSantis/60 Minutes controversy. She told the host:

“It’s just really important to point out that the standard is so high to hold any of these news organizations accountable. You have to prove intentional malice. It is extremely hard to prove. It’s why 60 Minutes — It’s why the left, MSNBC, CNN, they get away with murder each and every day. They can say whatever they want because you can’t hold them accountable. It’s a travesty.”

McEnany also discussed the issue during her regular spot as a host of Outnumbered. She told the panel, “It’s an attempt to take down someone who is, I think we can pretty much say anyone in the Republican Party, this is someone who has a bright future in the party being hailed for his coronavirus response.”

Republicans, of course, have hailed DeSantis response to COVID-19. But with Florida ranking 3rd in cases and 4th in deaths, Democrats still have plenty of questions.

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