[WATCH] Former Trump Crony Cohen Warns Current Crony Gaetz to ‘Smarten Up’

Donald Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen hasn’t shied away from the public eye ever since he was released from prison in mid-2020 thanks to the pandemic and sent back home to finish out his sentence under house arrest.¬†Aside from sharing stories about his time in TrumpWorld on his own podcast, “Mea Culpa”, Cohen has often appeared on MSNBC to help viewers glean as much knowledge as possible from his experiences. Cohen’s past may be shady, but he makes for an entertaining guest.

And so it was on Friday, when Cohen seemed to thoroughly enjoy analyzing Rep. Matt Gaetz’s legal woes during an appearance on “The Beat” with Ari Melber.

Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images

Cohen and Gaetz famously tangled on Twitter in 2019 when Cohen gave testimony before the House Oversight and Reform Committee, with Gaetz tweeting threats about Cohen’s wife and family that he later deleted. Speaking about Gaetz with Melber, Cohen said the alleged sex trafficker needs to “get a whole lot smarter”. And Cohen knows a thing or thirty about the mindset of sexual predators, encountering people like Jeffrey Epstein while in Trump’s employ for decades.

“Gaetz’s behavior was so brazen and so stupid that it actually boggles the mind, because the only reasonable explanation for his behavior is that he felt that he would be protected by Donald Trump and his corrupt Justice Department,” Cohen told Melber during the segment.

It’s not surprising one Florida Man would mimic another’s road-tested tactics, Cohen suggested. “I know the playbook and it didn’t work for me and it’s certainly not going to work for you. Matt Gaetz really needs to smarten up and understand that he’s in very serious trouble,” he concluded.

Watch the segment, below.

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