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WATCH: Former Sheriff David Clarke Wants Trump Allies To Investigate FBI

WATCH: Former Sheriff David Clarke Wants Trump Allies To Investigate FBI

The FBI has upset Donald Trump, and by extension, his supporters. Now, one of those supporters thinks that the agency should be subjected to an “independent” review and investigation — by other Trump allies.

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While Trump was in office, though he claimed to support law enforcement, he attacked federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and CIA. NBC recently reported on how his feud with these agencies continues, even after he’s been replaced.

In fact, his supporters continue to show strong opposition to the FBI and CIA. A majority of Republicans polled believe there is actually a ‘deep state,’ a secret government force that worked to undermine Trump during his presidency.

Here’s David Clarke, a conservative former Sheriff, calling for an investigation.

He wants Alan Dershowitz leading the investigation. Dershowitz has a string of connections to Trump, including his defense of the former president at his first impeachment trial, and that both men have been accused of raping underage girls provided by Jeffery Epstein. (Both deny it.)

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The current FBI director, Christopher Wray, is a Trump appointee and a Republican, but Clarke believes he should be removed and replaced.

One of his suggestions for the job is Michael Flynn — who was National Security Advisor under Trump, briefly, until he admitted to lying to the FBI. Donald Trump issued a pardon for him before leaving office.

The other is Ken Cuccinelli, who served as acting director of Citizenship and Immigration Services — an appointment that Business Insider notes was ruled invalid.

All of the above have shown support for Trump — and apparently Clarke doesn’t consider that any conflict of interest, but a selling point.

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