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WATCH: Former Senator Says She Doesn’t Believe “Old Dudes” In Congress Are Having Orgies

WATCH: Former Senator Says She Doesn’t Believe “Old Dudes” In Congress Are Having Orgies

A former U.S. Senator says she doesn’t believe that there’s any validity to the claim that members of Congress are holding orgies and snorting cocaine, but it’s not because of the moral fiber of her former colleagues that she doubts it. It’s just because they’re old.

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Madison Cawthorn is the youngest current Member of Congress, and according to the BBC, he’s the youngest since 1965, and the third-youngest ever. At 25 when he took office in a legislative body with a minimum age of 25, he’s definitely an outlier.

By contrast, the oldest members of Congress are closing in on 90 years old, and the average age of a U.S. House Member as of 2019 was 57.6 years.

That’s why Claire McCaskill (D-MO) says she doubts that there are wild sex parties going on at the homes of these legislators.

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Joking that she used to tell people she wanted to run for Senate because “it’s the only place in America I could be considered a hot young chick,” McCaskill adds, “I mean, these are a lot of old dudes. There are no orgies. I can assure you. There are no orgies in Washington with Members of Congress.”

Notably, Cawthorn, too, seemed to focus on this detail, complaining that the people he’s accusing are some he’s looked up to throughout his life, and mentioning how old they all are. Another Republican spoke out to insist that it was a ridiculous allegation since some legislators use flip phones and are in bed by 9pm.

Though he’s since said that he exaggerated, the North Carolina Republican has been pressured to name names, and age alone isn’t evidence against sexual activity or drug abuse.

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