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WATCH: Former President Boasts Of Million People At Insurrection Rally

WATCH: Former President Boasts Of Million People At Insurrection Rally

The U.S. House of Representatives has begun convening a committee to investigate the attack on the Capitol Building in January. Supporters of Donald Trump, upset over his loss, stormed the building where Congress was meeting to officially confirm the electoral vote and finalize the election outcome, threatening to kill legislators. Now, Trump is back to bragging about the size of the crowd.

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The former president appeared on Fox News to continue promoting the false narrative that he won the election. He then began to brag about the size of the crowd at the rally that turned into an attempted insurrection.

In the clips below, Trump first attacks the Supreme Court, saying that they didn’t have the courage to address the election fraud that he claims, without evidence, caused the race to be decided for Joe Biden. Then, he turns to a favorite boast: the crowd size.

“What happened that day, from your standpoint?” Maria Bartiromo asks.

Instead of addressing the attack on the Capitol, Trump rolls into his boast.

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“There was a big rally called…a tremendous number of people, the largest one I’ve ever spoken before, was called by people, by patriots,” he says, leaving out his own tweets calling on supporters to show up and “be wild.”

Trump describes his speech as “very mild-mannered,” though, as the BBC reports, it included a warning to the crowd that “If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore,” and a call for them to “stop the steal,” as well as a promise to join them as the moved to the Capitol Building (which he did not actually do).

“What they were complaining about, and the reason, in my opinion, you had over a million people there…they were there for one reason: the rigged election.”

Trump insists that the rally was full of love, and that the crowd was very peaceful, continuing to boast that the whole thing was “much bigger than anyone had anticipated, by many times” — something that perhaps Capitol Police might confirm, but not so happily as the former president.

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