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[WATCH] Former Oath Keeper Tells Jan 6th Committee He’s Worried About Next Election Cycle If Trump Runs

[WATCH] Former Oath Keeper Tells Jan 6th Committee He’s Worried About Next Election Cycle If Trump Runs

Insurrection indictment details chilling messages between Oath Keepers

Jason Van Tatenhove, the former Oath Keeper who left the militia several years ago when their rhetoric grew too “violent and Antisemitic” for him, told the January 6th House Select Committee on Tuesday that he’s very worried about election security based on what he knows about the people who remain loyal to Donald Trump.

Van Tatenhove explained that the group is shifting “further and further right — into the alt-right world, into White nationalists and even straight-up racists and it came to a point where I could no longer continue to work for them.” He also told the panel during its seventh televised hearing that the American people should know it could have been far worse. “We’ve gotten exceedingly lucky that there has not been more bloodshed,” Van Tatenhove said, adding that “the potential was so much more.” But he also had a chilling prediction about the consequences if there’s no accountability for Trump and his co-conspirators. “I do fear for this election cycle because who knows what that might bring,” he said.

Quick aside: Descendents are not down with this.


The MAGA Republicans are no longer hiding their plans to dismantle the American voting system from within, and Van Tatenhove believes January 6th is an indicator of what to expect should there be another Trump candidacy and loss: “it could have been the spark that started a civil war.”

He also warned that the Oath Keepers are “a dangerous militia” and voiced his concerns about his three daughters and his granddaughter: “I feel for the world that they will inherit if we do not start holding these people to account.”

Watch the testimony, below. Also, the closed-captioning calls him “Mr. Ventilating Hoff,” which pleases me endlessly.

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