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WATCH: Former Kevin McCarthy Staffer Explains Why He Now Works For Liz Cheney

WATCH: Former Kevin McCarthy Staffer Explains Why He Now Works For Liz Cheney

Following last year’s attack on the US Capitol, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell said all the right things. McConnell has stayed true to his word, saying that Trump has no place in the Republican party going forward. McCarthy, though, changed his stance after he met with Trump in Mar-a-Lago.

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And while many Republicans have stayed loyal to Trump, many of their staffers haven’t. During a Thursday appearance on CNN, Ryan O’Toole, an ex-McCarthy staffer who now works for Liz Cheney explained his decision.

Host Jake Tapper asked, “What if McCarthy just maintained his original position that Trump needed to accept his share of responsibility?”

The Cheney staffer replied, “I can’t speak to why McCarthy changed his position over January 6th. As you alluded to, in the weeks after, he came on the floor and said the President bears responsibility for this. Something changed in his values. I can’t speak to what that might be in terms of his calculus.

O’Toole continued, “For me after Jan 6, my conscience and my values were clear. We need to be loyal to the constitution. And I made the choice to leave and work for someone who did believe in that. After January 6, Kevin McCarthy went to Mar-a-Lago, and I think that says things pretty clearly for the American people.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

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